Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport - Assessment

Course Description

The Level 2 Coach is able to plan, deliver and review progressive sessions safely and effectively. You can choose to do your assessment in kayak, canoe or both. Candidates who do a single discipline assessment can progress to the other discipline at any time. The Level 2 Coach can work without supervision and is able to offer guidance and support to the Level 1 Coach.

Since finishing your training course you need to have completed a consolidation period and filled out your portfolio before the final assessment. The Level 2 Coach assessment is a one day course from 9am – 5pm.


Click here: Level 2 Coach

Assessment Prerequisites

  • British Canoeing comprehensive (full) membership.
  • Stamped Candidate Registration (CR) form (bring on the course).
  • Level 1 Coach (bring original certificate).
  • Foundation Safety and Rescue (FSRT) (bring original certificate).
  • 3 Star Canoe and/or Kayak Certificate, as appropriate (bring original certificate).
  • Must be 16 years old.

Click here for British Canoeing course information, registration form and portfolio information.


The are no dates for this, but if you are interested please get in touch.