Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT)

Course Description

This one day training course aims to provide paddlers with the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely and to be able to deal with common emergencies on flat/sheltered water regardless of the craft. The objective is to teach simple and safe skills that can provide the paddlers with the tools to solve simple paddling problems. Training will cover as many craft as possible and ensure that paddlers understand different craft.
The skills learnt on this course form the foundations for safety and rescue throughout all further British Canoeing qualifications.

The award has two purposes:
To provide the paddler with the necessary skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others.
To provide the paddler with the appropriate rescue skills which can be used to help themselves and/or others in difficulty.


Click here: FSRT


  • Boat-based participants - 2 Star Award, or equivalent ability.
  • Bank-based participants - not required to hold the 2 Star Award, but should be prepared to fully participate in all relevant aspects of the course.
  • Able to swim in normal paddling clothing.
  • Minimum of 14 years of age.


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