3 Star - Sea Kayak

Course Description

Successful performance at 3 Star level indicates that a paddler can consider themselves as an able improving sea paddler rather than a beginner.
During assessment a 3 star paddler will be able to demonstrate personal competence paddling in wind conditions of no more than Beaufort Force 3 or Sea State 3 as part of a led group.

The 3 star training course is two days, and the assessment course is one day.


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Training Prerequisites

  • A consistent 2 Star standard of performance is required for anyone starting to work towards the 3 Star Sea Kayak Award. It is recommended that the candidate holds the 2 Star Award.
  • Experience of paddling on the sea.
  • Ideally be able to swim in the sea environment.

Assessment Prerequisites

  • Provide evidence of at least three different journeys on the sea of about three hours duration (8nm) each.
  • The ability to swim confidently in the sea environment wearing normal paddling clothes.
  • Bring money for certificate fees.


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