Canoe Advanced (Open Water)

If you are already an experienced and competent open water canoe paddler and would now like to progress further then we can offer you coaching that is tailored to your individual needs to allow you to refine and develop your current skills, or learn some new skills. Maybe you are confident in force 2-3 wind but would like to experience more extreme conditions, or you would like to learn to solo sail your canoe, or improve your navigation in open water? Our coaching will be matched to your own personal aims to develop your understanding of how to efficiently and effectively use your body, boat, paddle, and the water to manoeuvre your canoe where you want to go by refining your strokes and techniques and improving your open water skills.

The course can be over a period of time that suits your needs, from a single day or a series of days if you wish to progress further. Tuition will be guided by what you would like to learn, but could include some of the following elements:

  • Canoe techniques for use in exposed open water
  • Equipment
  • Open water safety
  • Rescues
  • Leadership
  • Solo or tandem skills
  • Navigation (day or night)
  • Solo sailing
  • Canoe bivi camping

Price = £150 per day (group discount rates available)
Please contact us for more information and to arrange a course date that suits you.


The are no dates for this, but if you are interested please get in touch.